Home Renovation Update: Framing

Alamo Heights Addition Framing

Framing Experts

In my last post I took you through laying out and pouring the concrete foundation for Precision Contracting's new addition in Alamo Heights. Once the foundation has cured and hardened it gets bit more exciting as we start framing the new rooms for the addition. We used 2x6 inch studs, sixteen inches on center for the exterior walls. This provided room for extra insulation which helps to make the addition very energy efficient.


We used standard headers for the windows and doors. Before actually building the walls, we chalked lines on the floor to layout the locations of the walls and door openings. These served as guidelines for the placement of the walls when we raised them into place.  When raised, the walls were fastened to the floor by using bottom wall plates for concrete floors. Extra care was taken in the corners of the walls where we reinforced the walls with additional studs.


This new addition consists of a living area and a new master bedroom suite. It features a bedroom, bathroom and master closet. It won't be long until the addition is weather tight as we get ready to insulate and wire the new rooms. Can you start to picture the transformation of this home?

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