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Who Knew Painting Could Be So Easy?

This month I'd like to share a story from a friend Greg, about a home improvement project he took on with Precision Contracting.  Greg and his wife Karen were interested in doing something different with the rooms on the first floor of their house. The house was built in the late 70's.  While it was well cared for, the interior decor was a bit dated. They contacted us to ask to get our ideas of what we could do to help brighten up the inside of the house.  As their budget was limited remodeling the inside of the house wasn't really an option. But changing the colors of some of the rooms with a some fresh paint was certainly an affordable option.

We worked with Greg and Karen to pick out some new color schemes for the two bedrooms, the living room and the first floor bath. They preferred an eggshell enamel finish for their rooms which is quite durable and easy to clean if the need arises. Precision Contracting came in to do all of the prep work which included taping around all of the doors and entry ways. We also repaired any minor holes or wall cracks and sanded the walls smooth.

The actual painting went quickly. As most of the old colors were similar to the new colors only one room needed more than a single coat of paint.  As we saw in Greg and Karen's house the new coat of paint achieved the same kinds of results that we often see with our painting customers.  Fresh paint can and often does:

Make a Space Appear Bigger

A fresh coat of paint can also open up a space and create the illusion of more room. If you have white or a neutral tone on your wall that has discolored or been scratch and marked up over the years, you can really open up that space by adding a new coat.

Changes the Theme of a Room

Greg and Karen's living room had a bit of that 70s vibe. You can easily eliminate this with minimal alterations, along with peeling off that old wallpaper and putting on fresh coating of paint to achieve that clean, modern look you want.

Freshens Up a Room

If you do nothing to a room other than add on a fresh coat of paint, the difference you’ll see will impress you! It can freshen and clean up the entire space. If you have a bedroom that’s starting to look lackluster, or the color in the dining room is starting to look a little passé, adding a fresh new coat of paint can give any room the atmosphere boost you’ve been waiting for.

Brightens a Room

In addition to opening up the room, new paint can also brighten up the entire area. Whether you have a window or not, the color on your walls will always impact the amount of light that reflects off the walls, causing it to be darker or brighter. If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom and make it more inviting, try using a lighter coat of paint on the walls to brighten up your space.

Adds Character to a Room

Conversely, you can add some cozy character to your room as well. For example, one popular way to achieve this in just about any room is by creating an accent wall. Add a new accent color on to the wall and decorate it how you please. This can break up a space, add some depth to your layout and of course, some character too.

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