Adult Neuroscience Medical Office

Medical Center, San Antonio
5,894 SF

BUILDER: Precision Contracting


Precision Contracting worked with Methodist Health Systems of San Antonio and HCFD Realty Management to expand an existing space for Adult Neuroscience. The Precision Team was able to effectively and safely work in an active medical facility to give the Adult Neuroscience team the extra space needed to continue their work for the San Antonio community.

Photo Gallery

ad-neuro-hall-4 ad-neuro-administrative-medical-space ad-neuro-hall-3 ad-neuro-breakroom ad-neuro-breakroom-2 ad-neuro-hall ad-neuro-hall-2 ad-neuro-exam-room-1 ad-neuro-exam-room-2 ad-neuro-exam-room-3 ad-neuro-exam-room-4 ad-neuro-exam-room-5