Our Newest Flooring and Stairway Project

Custom Flooring and Staircase

Flooring Contractors With a Flair

There is an old saying, "you only have one chance to make a good first impression". It might surprise you to learn that visitors quickly notice an outdated staircase or worn floors and carpets. This is really true if these are the first thing that meets their eye when entering your home. The good news is that it is fairly quick and easy to make significant improvements to your floors, stairs and entry way.

Our flooring experts and finish carpenters recently completed a project where we replaced the original carpeted steps and "builders grade" balusters and railings.  We installed new hardwood steps, railings and balusters. Take a look at the "Before" and "After" pictures in our gallery. There were a number of reasons for the homeowners to undertake this project.

  1. The steps creaked when climbing them. There was nothing quiet about going up and down these stairs.
  2. The carpet on the steps was old and worn. It drew attention to chipped paint on the balusters and the plain design of the hand rail.
  3. The hand rail and balusters were plain and did nothing to enhance the look of the stairwell.
  4. They wanted the stairway to enhance the architectural features of their home.

The flooring installation was done quickly and professionally. The original balusters were replaced with newer, more appealing balusters that had a really nice base and geometry. The dark stain on the hardwood steps and landing floor were a beautiful contrast to the new white walls coming from our interior painters.  All in all it was a fun and rewarding project.