Your San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

People often find the thought of remodeling their kitchen to be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider, not the least of which is the cost to renovate.  Precision Contracting is the design and construction team that you can depend upon to transform your existing layout into the kitchen of your dreams.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s often the central gathering room when family and friends are over. When visitors come, conversations are shared in your kitchen during their stay and about your kitchen when they leave. Details count so working with Precision Contracting on your dream kitchen design will is the first step in creating countless memories. 

We will work with you to prioritize the features of your kitchen to meet all your needs whether they be form, function, basic aesthetics or that timeless impression. With so many cabinet, sink, counter top, appliance, fixture, lighting and color options you can create a true expression of your style or simply pull it from your favorite magazine. Our expert craftsmen will make it happen before your eyes as you watch it unfold as we take you through each of the steps:

  • Design
    During the design we will work with you to define and explore the vision for your new kitchen. It is during the design where will discuss different ideas and alternatives to ensure that we remain within cost and time constraints.

  • Layout
    After we have completed the design we will draw up the layout for your new kitchen. While creating the layout we will work with you to select new appliances and their positioning within the kitchen.

  • Remodeling
    Depending upon the requirements for your project we will build your new kitchen from the wall studs out. We will completely remodel the room if necessary to make sure that the design and layout completely satisfies you.

  • Contracting
    Your new kitchen project will be staffed with a project manager and our own internal carpenters and painters. We use only the most experienced tradesmen for your kitchen's plumbing and electrical needs.

You know, it may be time you pulled out that kitchen picture you’ve been keeping secret.