Should I Choose a Shower Curtain or Glass Door for My New Bathroom?

San Antonio bathroom remodel

Whenever there is a choice to be made on any home improvement project there are a number of factors to consider. Choosing between a shower curtain or a glass door enclosure for your new or remodeled bathroom is really no different.

Let's Look at the Advantages of Each

The relative advantages of choosing a shower curtain versus a glass door enclosure depends a lot upon the circumstances surrounding your remodeling project. As with most remodeling projects available space, cost and time to complete the project are key considerations. But you may also want to consider some other things such as flexibility - the long term versus short term design or look of the bathroom. Do you want your bathroom to "make a statement" or be merely functional? Here are some relative advantages of each choice.

Shower Curtains:

  • They soften a room and give the room a larger appearance.
  • Shower curtains add personality. You can change out colors or the design as often as you like.
  • Try something new and show off your unique personality.
        colorful periodic table shower curtain
  • Change a tub into a shower with a little extra hardware. You can make the very most of the space you have available. This is an ideal option for older homes.
  • You can use claw foot tubs or awkwardly shaped tubs.
    Tub surround shower curtain
  • Shower curtains can make a room feel inviting and comfortable.
  • They can be used to set the style or feel of the bathroom.

Glass door enclosures on the other hand are meant to be complementary to the design of the bathroom. While shower curtains can define a decorative style of the bathroom glass door enclosures are intended to highlight other features of the bathroom such as the tile or fixtures built into the room. Let's take a closer look at glass enclosures.

Glass Shower Door:

  • You can fully enclose and isolate your shower or bath.
  • Glass doors can be utilized to take advantage of tricky spaces.
    glass shower door in tricky spaces
  • Glass can give the impression of expanding the available space.
  • Glass also provides a simple and clean, open look.
  • Glass enclosures are also easy to clean and maintain. You don't have to worry about wet shower curtains clinging to you as you step out of the shower.
    elegant glass shower door highlighting tile
  • Glass doors and enclosures are available in custom sizes to fit the space you have available.
  • They can also be customized to have hardware that matches the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom.

Depending upon the particular circumstances of your project you really can't go wrong when choosing between a shower curtain or a glass door enclosure. Beyond project cost, time and available space it is really a matter of what makes the most sense for your bathroom remodeling project.